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    Virgin Fleet ( 聖少女艦隊バージンフリート )
    AIC/Red Company/Beam Entertainment, 1998
    U.S. Manga Corps., 1999, 2003
    Directed by Masahiro Hosoda.
    Rated 13-Up for violence, mature situations and mild language. (Sorry, no nudity!

    by areaseven -

    From Oji Hiroi (Sakura Wars) and Yasuhiro Imagawa (Giant Robo, Mobile Fighter G-Gundam). Set in the pre-WWII era, Virgin Fleet chronicles the adventures of Nakano Naval Academy's special school for girls. Codenamed "Virgin Fleet", these girls are gifted with a special form of power known as "Virgin Energy". But with the fear of another Russo-Japanese war imminent, can rookie pilot Shiokaze Umino use her powers to save Japan from complete destruction?

    Story: C-
    For those expecting a hentai title, you're not gonna get any here. Virgin Fleet is Sakura Wars mixed with 801 T.T.S. Airbats and a little Tenchi Muyo! on the side (minus the fan service). It sounds like a pretty good concept, but three episodes isn't enough to cover it. Not enough story or development. AIC shoud've produced more episodes to make this title better.

    Animation: C+
    For an AIC title, Virgin Fleet is a bit of a disappointment in terms of animation quality. The artwork is good, but the dogfight scenes could've been animated better (especially since it was released in the post-Cockpit era). Hiroyuki Kitazume's (Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, Moldiver) character designs aren't enough to save this one.

    Soundtrack: B-
    Nothing much to clamor about except for the opening and ending themes performed by the main voice actresses.

    Sub vs. Dub
    Virgin Fleet features Sumi Shimamoto (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Ginrei in Giant Robo) as Shiokaze, Kosuke Okano (Flame of Recca, Kenta in Initial D) as Mau, Satsuki Yukino (Kaname in Full Metal Panic!, Kagome in Inu-Yasha) as Satsuki, Chinami Nishimura (Kiki in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Greta in Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar) as Komachi, Gara Takashima (Julia in Cowboy Bebop) as Hidemaro, Mami Koyama (Kei in Akira, Karen in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team) as Kohka, Yoko Sawami (Ayla in Battle Athletes Victory, Diva in El-Hazard) as Nikola, Ai Sato (Sumire in Kodomo no Omocha, Alice in Lost Universe) as Mari, Mariko Koda (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Kaya in One Piece) as Ise, Mari Yoko (Alice in Macross 7, Gaia in K.O. Beast) as Hatsuki, Kazue Komiya (Ran in Urusei Yatsura) as Suzukure, Kappei Yamaguchi (Ranma 1/2, Inu-Yasha) as Sada, Tatsuyuki Jinnai as Tatsutagawa, and Norio Wakamoto (Coach in Gunbuster, Vicious in Cowboy Bebop) as Cmdr. Wakamoto.

    The English dub, which sucks (no surprise, as it's a Central Park Media title), features Jessica Calvello (before Excel Saga screwed up her vocal chords) as Shiokaze and Ise, Angora Deb (Agent Aika, Ayane's High Kick) as Komachi and Suzukure, Crispin Freeman (Alucard in Hellsing, Hideki in Chobits) as Mau, Megan Hollingshead (Kano in His & Her Circumstances, Cassidy/Nurse Joy/Officer Jenny in Pokemon) as Satsuki, and Lisa Ortiz (Lina in The Slayers/Slayers Next/Slayers Try, Tsubasa in His & Her Circumstances) as Mari.

    DVD Extras: C-
    Well, you just have a cast list and trailers. The DVD-ROM features include screenshots and the English script.

    The Bottom Line
    I'll say it again - Virgin Fleet is NOT hentai! And as an anime title, it's not all that. Strictly rental material.

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