MIL About the AF in Iraq shit

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by evan2, Mar 25, 2007.

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    Simmer down old man......
    I simply said in a EA standpoint..Im not lying
    I go to a fucking army tech school to learn it , no one knocks the army core of engineering but the thing is the army EAs go to a base and become soilders which is their number 1 whereas we go and do our job and get into upgrade training. Now the Army bases in iraq need EAs and their guys cannot do the job so they ask the Air force for bodies, we are already undermanned in our AFSC so it hurts to fill army slots
    hell Im one deep at my base and I have 2 small bases I work for
    they wanted to deploy me which would leave no one to do my workload

    the thing is the EAs are filling them slots for the army but we are becoming the bitches of the army and doing whatever they want us to do when we were sent to do our job

    so save me all your holier than now bs mr omg im in the army now im so cool

    every branch is needed ....

    i didnt say the army couldnt do the job, just their EAs forgot how

    plus only people in teh army would build a camp on the side of a snowy mountain in the winter and then in the summer why they now live in mud

    this is why we are sent to build a barebase for you guys
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    The core of the Corps is thou must be Ready, Responsible and Reliable.
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    I sent 58.3 emails friday morning , them terrorists got nothing on me son
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    hey, why don't you go complain about having to share a bathroom with someone or not having carpet in your room.:rofl:

    true story
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    I ve lived in a tent for a long time, it was good times
    Im ce we are used to getting the shit within the AF we always do
    When I lived in the dorms I had a double room with a roomate for a little while until he got kicked out then they made every room a single so I had a room and own bathroom

    score for me......

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