GUN Accused burglar shot by relative

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    Accused burglar shot by relative
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    Columbus man was trying to rob stepson when he was fatally shot
    By Alan Riquelmy - [email protected] --

    A Columbus man police say was fatally shot Saturday night by a relative had just burglarized the relative’s home and was trying to run him down. This latest slaying pushes the total of Columbus homicides to 28 for the year.

    Ludwig Grudisher, 52, of 2959 Reese Road was shot once around 9:45 p.m. by a shotgun blast as he was driving a pickup truck toward his 22-year-old stepson, said Columbus Police Sgt. Matt Blackstock. No charges have been filed in the case.

    Grudisher had been rifling through the stepson’s garage, which is less than 150 feet from where Grudisher lived on Reese Road. Blackstock said he was taking items such as lawn trimmers and loading them into the truck.

    “He heard the crashing and the banging around,” the sergeant said of the homeowner. “That’s when he grabbed the shotgun and went to investigate.”

    The stepson didn’t know at the time who it was, and he stepped between the truck and the road to stop the intruder from escaping. That’s when Grudisher stepped on the accelerator and tried to hit the 22-year-old, Blackstock said.

    The stepson fired and got out of the way. Grudisher kept driving, striking a fence and a tree across the road, the sergeant said.

    Grudisher was pronounced dead at 10:24 p.m. Coroner Bill Thrower said Grudisher’s body was sent to Atlanta this morning for an autopsy.

    The case remains under investigation, though police have filed no charges. Lt. Charles Kennedy said the case would be referred to the District Attorney’s office.


    Well thats going to make Christmas dinner at mom's awkward.
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    That's all together pretty fucked up..

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