GUN Action Alert, Handgun Clearance: The Maryland General Assembly 2009

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    Hi all,

    Another up-hill Battle begins January 14th 2009. The Maryland General Assembly begins its 90 day Session. Will it be more Tax & Spend, loss of Liberty? That's up to you & I ! Don't be a couch potato, get involved in the process. Letters & Phone Calls to your Reps is a good start! Below is the first Issue we need to address, that being Handgun Clearances.
    Note: I used the Term "Clearance" as opposed to "Permit". Understand that "Permit" is privilege not absolution. Terminology is pertinent in these matters!
    Hope to see you on the Front Lines,

    Delegate Dan Riley (D - 34A, Cecil and Harford Counties) will be the lead sponsor on our shall issue bill that will make equitable the system with which Maryland residents will be permitted to exercise their right to self-defense.​

    While the bill has not yet been submitted, rest assured that it will be. In the meantime, our job is to gather as many co-sponsors as possible in order to advance the bill.​

    MSI has sent letters to each of the following members of the House of Delegates asking for their co-sponsorship of the bill. Please take the time to contact each one and ask that they sign on to the bill. Delegate Riley's staff has been in contact with every member of the House of Delegates, so they'll know what you're talking about.​

    Our friends at have set up a wonderful resource so that you can publish customized letters and labels for each Delegate with a minimal amount of fuss. All you have to do is print the labels and do the letter merge and you have a professional looking set of 50 letters done in less than an hour.​

    For those that prefer email, links to each of the Delegates is included below.​

    What: Contact the following members of the House of Delegates and respectfully request that they sign on to Delegate Dan Riley's bill
    When: Immediately. The session starts today and there's no better way to do so than to let our representatives know that Maryland citizens demand to be treated as those in other states are with respect to the right to self-defense.​

    Susan L.M. Aumann
    Joseph R. Bartlett
    Gail H. Bates
    Pamela G. Beidle
    Wendell R. Beitzel
    Joseph C. Boteler
    Eric M. Bromwell
    Galen R. Clagett
    Robert A. Costa
    Don Dwyer (will co-sponsor)
    Donald B. Elliott
    D. Page Elmore
    William J. Frank
    Ronald A. George
    Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio
    Richard K. Impallaria
    Mary-Dulany James
    J.B. Jennings
    A. Wade Kach
    Kevin Kelly
    James J. King
    Nicholaus R Kipke (will co-sponsor)
    Susan W. Krebs
    James N. Mathias
    Susan K. McComas
    Tony McConkey
    Patrick L. McDonough
    Warren E. Miller
    Joseph J. Minnick
    LeRoy E. Myers
    H. Wayne Norman
    Anthony J. O'Donnell
    John A. Olszewski
    Kirill Reznik
    B. Daniel Riley (lead sponsor) send him a thank you message
    Steven R. Schuh
    Todd L. Schuler
    Andrew A. Serafini
    Christopher B. Shank
    Tanya Thorton Shewell
    Micheal D. Smigiel
    Theodore J. Sophocleus
    Richard A. Sossi
    Donna Stifler
    Nancy R. Stocksdale
    Paul S. Stull
    Mary Roe Walkup
    Michael H. Weir
    Richard B. Weldon (verbally agreed to co-sponsor - send a thank you)
    John F. Wood

    Don't know who your House/Senate Reps are? Link the following,

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