MIL Active Duty to Guard (AF)

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by BeatKonducta, Oct 26, 2009.

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    I recently separated and was thinking about going guard. i think they said i have 3 months after my DOS to just join and not deal with the MEPS bullshit. so i have a decision to make within the next two months. tell me a little about it. i was thinking guard because the reserve base is 3 hrs away and the guard base is only an hour or so. i don't want to deal with damn car issues, etc whie i'm going to school. do they hook you up with new uniforms when you go guard or do you need the ones from AD? i need to find my uniforms :noes:
    also, i was in upgrade training for my 7 level, how will that work out? any info is appreciated.
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    Just be cautious. I went from Active to Guard. And for the last 5 years I have sat on my ass doing nothing but wasting weekends. Im a 2E071 and there has not been any radar systems in CA ANG for 17 years. I was not told this when I was talking the recruiter. Guard recruiters are the same as Active recruiters. I wanted to cross train but there was no money and I was in a slot. Also, make sure that you can get into a slot that has promotion opportunities.

    Depending on the Unit and the State will depend if and when you get uniforms. If you have no break in servise, you should be able you roll right into the continuation of your 7 level training.

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