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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by crotchfruit, May 20, 2003.

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    here's the situation:

    i have an activex control that has a CDialog member. when the AX control is created, it creates the CDialog member as a child. when the AX control resizes, it resizes the CDialog to be the same dimensions as itself. this way i can use the resource editor to create a dialog that is displayed as the AX control. it works fine.

    my problem comes with font sizing. a dialog's controls are resized (in logic units) based on the metrics of the current dialog font. this causes problems when i load my AX control in IE. if a user has strange accessability options for text then the AX control's dialog is skewed appropriately. This is a problem because in the HTML of the page you can only allocate a fixed absolute width/height for the AX control.

    So the fixed width/height will only work for a single font setup. Has anyone else encountered this and has a solution to make the dialog *not* resize based on IE's non-default settings?
  2. crotchfruit

    crotchfruit Guest

    k, i've narrowed it down to the display->settings->advanced->general->font size setting. if this is on 'large fonts' then the control is warped. if it's on small fonts (normal) then the control looks normal.

    is there anyway to override this in an activex control so it's always small/normal?

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