A&P Added a few things to my portfolio & looking for work... comments?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by pooshda, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. pooshda

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    Just added some stuff to my portfolio that I show to people/friends when looking for sidejobs or showing someone a little of my artwork... some of the stuff on here is old and a good amount of the print work is for lower budget/simple jobs... the artwork is probably the better of the stuff.

    Just decided to post this stuff up and see if anyone wanted to give me some feedback on it or if anyone knows anybody who needs some design work done I am going through some shit right now and need extra $$$

    Reguardless after looking at some of the art and stuff here I figured id post a little bit myself :hs:

  2. itchypony

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    Nice work :cool:

    Why not take some time to color the sketches you've already done? You have plenty of talent, no need to spend time coloring someone else's illustration :dunno:
  3. pooshda

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    Yea I agree... I started colouring that wierd alien looking thing coming out of the tree trunk, and I coloured the blob sketch in 2 versions but thats about it... I actually colored the Battlechasers and Monika drawings for a forum colouring contest and liked the results (although unfinished)

    That Alien looking thing im colouring is HUGE btw, gonna be full poster size @ 300dpi so I think if I ever finish that one Im gonna get it printed and hang it up or something.

    Thanks for the compliments :hs:
  4. itchypony

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    you definitely do great work :)
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    May 7, 2002
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    the other side
    :bigthumb: Good stuff man

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