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  1. i been smoking about a pack a day for the last 4 years and been smoking about regularly for about 5 now. for the last 4 months i been trying to stop smoking and it's been REAL hard i get jittery and start shaking without smoking. The only way i found i don't have the need to smoke is when my girlfriend is around. She thinks i have stopped :( but i haven't because when she's not around i smoke about 1/2 a pack a day i guess it's a big improvement to cut down 50% but it just seems as if i dunno if i can do it. Most i've gone lately is 2 days without a cigarette but as soon as the SO is gone it's back to smoking

    any tips?
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    The Nicoderm CQ patch worked like a charm for me (just passed the 1 year mark Nov. 9th). I'd tried to quit before and the longest I lasted was 3 months, but to be honest, I failed because I really wasn't as mentally ready as I thought.

    You absolutely have to believe that you can do it -- you have to be READY to quit. No doubts whatsoever, otherwise you're kidding yourself (that's not a knock, but that's just how it was for me).
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    Honestly, i'm a smoker too. I have found couple ways to quit smoking and the only way is what fits you best. Here i'll give you several ways to quit and you should try them all. Oh yeah, I feel how you smoke too. I USE to smoke about 3-5 packs a day and that was alot, chain smoker :(, but I quit that after I ended in the hospital several times for smoking too much.

    Here's the list that seems to work:
    Gum GUM and gum, it works for some.

    Try this method, this is how my high school teacher quit. Try smoking a different pack every two weeks and alternate brands until it tastes sooo bitter that you quit. The method to this trick is to lower it from weeks to days to days alternating packs until that POINT where it ends up tasting nasty and it just doesn't fit you anymore. Worked for me one time but I ended up smoking again a year later.

    One of the best thing to do is not be a social smoker. Social gatherings is what gives you the need to smoke again. I don't know why it's like this but this is how you get back to smoking for some.

    I get the jitters and shaking too if I don't smoke, sometimes even smokers cough if I don't smoke for 2-3 days. Best thing you can do about this is just calm your self down with something like food, soda, coffee, etc....

    Another thing that works for some is pick up something to keep yourself REALLY REALLY BUSY. Most people would say it's all in the mind for the addiction of nicotine but it's not. If you keep yourself busy and your mind is set on something for a long period of time you won't get that urge to smoke. Suggestion, don't do anything to get yourself upset, angry, blah blah blah blah.

    Try not to get the tendacy to do something that would make you go back to smoking. I don't smoke in front of others not even when i'm out. Only smoke when i'm at home now. So having your girlfriend over alot would help you in so many ways. Welps that's all I can think of so I hope some of this information can help you.
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    I successfully quit smoking...and I smoked a pack a day for 8 years :eek3:

    I tried to quit times before using gum, always went back to smoking.

    1. You have to be mentally ready to quit
    2. WILL POWER > *
    3. find something you like to fill the void (for me it was drinking water and lime juice every time I felt a craving) lemon juice actually draws nicotene out of the body

    The first 72 hours is the hardest part. If you can get past the 72 hours without smoking, the nicotene is offically out of your body and the rest is in your head.

    good luck :)
  5. thanks for all the help guys i noticed if i'm busy with something i don't smoke either that's why when i'm with my gf i don't because she's a non smoker and i don't realli feel the urge unless she sleeps early. i heard that the first 72hours are hardest but i feel as if it's not the nicotine that i'm addicted to but in fact i'm mentally addicted to it. i am going to be trying the methods you all have suggested. the thing with the patch and the gum is that it's dayam expensive i mean seriously it's cheaper to buy a carton then the gum that's the only thing that has kept me away from it. but i will try what you all have suggested, once again thanks for all the tips :cool:
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    Not sure if you have a Costco or a Sam's Club anywhere near you... however, they sell gum by the box not individually...and its quite a low cost considering what you'd pay for 20 in the store over time...

    you don't HAVE to get nicotine gum or patches... you can substitute normal chewing gum because quite honestly, its more the method of simply chewing the gum than anything

    why bother using something that puts nicotine back into your system?
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    One of the things i found is to remind myself that life goes on and that not smoking wasn't going to revolutionize the way i did things. Granted, its very important and all - but i got wrapped up going 'oh no, never again, no more cigs, nothing to do between classes, on lunch break, driving to work, etc'

    i was so scared i'd be thinking about it all the time.

    I dunno if it helps but it helped me
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    I quit after smoking for 4 years using Nicorette gum. I'd just carry around a couple pieces and had one whenever I wanted a smoke. Did that for about 3 months, gradually used less and less. Haven't smoked for almost a year now.
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    I tried those before. Its if you are more addicted to the fact that your smoking, like having a cig in your mouth... the filter is neat too it has charcoal in it. Worked for my buddy. Im trying to quit cold turkey... but its been only a week, Im sure Im gonna reach for Quests if Ill get any cravings. Good Luck.
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    I'm quitting for a 3rd time, although right now because I'm going to have a ton of oral surgery coming up. Afterward, I'm going to use the same methots as before, which are:

    if you smoke menthol, take a piece of gum, and stick it on the end of half a straw. hold it in your mouth like you would a cig (gum in the inside, of course).

    keeping yourself busy is an excellent way. Take 2 showers a day, more if needed. Clean and detail everything- your house, and especially your car. Get something like bite-size carrots to snack on.

    The first 72 hours are hard, but there is also the time period between 10-20 days, in which the mental aspect comes in. This is what affects your anger and other things. I can't stress this enough. I have seen way to often people say "I'm done with the 72 hours, it's all downhill from here!" and I see them smoking two weeks later. Prepare for this short relapse.

    And for at least a year, it'll always be with you, although very weak.
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    here's just an idea...

    my mom has been smoking, oh lord, ever since she was probably 15 or 16. anyways... 12 years ago, at the age of 40, she had a heart attack. keep in mind, i was 10. :eek3: yup, it scared the shit outta me. she spent 9 days in intensive care, but she made it through. i don't know what i'd do if she wasn't here today. i think God realized that we all needed her still.

    anyways... i'm getting off on a tangent. she ended up quitting for about 6 months, but i caught her smoking again. ever since, she's been smoking, though i tell her the ONLY thing i wish she would quit.

    she's always trying new products that are on the market, and the best one i've seen so far, is a product that's carried by walgreens. i'm sure they still make these, but :dunno:. it's a package of filters that take out a certain percentage of tar... increasing the amount that's taken out by the cigarette filter. you start off at 25%, then go up to, 50%, 75%, and the last step is 90%. it's an interesting little gadget because if you DON'T know what smoking is doing to your body, it's evident by these filters that go around your cigarette. you have to clean the tar out of them every once in a while or they'll get clogged.

    my mom said they were an effective tool. i wish she would've kept up with it, but she obviously lacks the ability to quit :wtc:. she said that using them helped her get away from the hand to mouth movement you do when you're smoking. these filters are kind of big, which in turn, cause you to hold them a different way.

    :dunno: i would give them a shot, especially if you're not one to quit cold turkey. :)

    good luck
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    That is Sage advice. Also, for me, I had to change habits. For ex. I love to fish, but when we go out I smoke a pack or two on the water. I wasn't comfortable going out with my smoking friend until I was more confident. So I did go out on the water for a few months.

    I don't drink anymore , but staying away from getting a buzz while trying to quit should be a given. Another thing, don't go outside at work on breaks if that was your habit smoking, etc. So, you also may have too change yourlifestyle.
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