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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Flaxamaxer, Aug 31, 2008.

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    So I've been stretching my ears for more than two years now. I actually started at an 8g, which the artist had said he never tried before. It was almost like a hole puncher.

    There was a time where I thought I'd stop there. But I completely randomly stretched up, sometimes days apart, sometimes months apart. Anyway, once I got to a 2 I started the whole "Alright, this is the last time I go up" inner-battle. Partly because I had read past 2 is the 'no looking back' gauge, and your ears have no chance of retaking shape once you're into the 0s.

    But, as with many things, I said fuck it, and kept going. Part of my motivation is the fact that since my head is so fucking huge, I've yet to achieve a gauge that even really looks like I've done much. I made it to 5/8" but lost one of my tunnels so I went back to 7/16" plugs.

    Anyway, a couple questions.. are the tapered plugs measured in the middle or by the balls on the end? Because it's usually a shitty transition for me from plugs to tunnels even when they're supposedly the same size.

    And more importantly, do any of you have any opinions on the end game size? Like I said, I'm not an emaciated emo kid so I can stay proportionate with a big size - how far how some of you gone without looking like an African bushman? My tattoo guy is at 1" and that's bonkers.

    And does anybody else agree that your ears aren't necessarily fawked for life? Mine seem to bounce back quite nicely if I leave them out for a couple days. I know they'll never heal, but the slits close to an almost unnoticeable extent.

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    I'm confused by this ....

    "are the tapered plugs measured in the middle or by the balls on the end"

    what balls? there's shouldn't be any balls on plugs, tunnels or tapered plugs. Show me a picture of this jewellery and i'll tell you where it's measured.

    Tapered plugs are measured at the largest end, same as tunnels and plugs. If it's flaired jewellery it's measured in the middle not the flare.

    I had my ears up to 36mm and they've shrunk down pretty good. I'm aroun 1/2" now.
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    You've been stretching for 2 years, and you've gone up 9 sizes? I was expecting something like over 2 years, you went from 14g to 1 1/2" or something. When I started stretching, I was addicted. I went from 14g to 5/8" in about 8 months. It was stupid, but at the time I didn't seem to care. I did the same with my tongue. I got up to 1/2" and called it quits. Stretching can be a bit addictive.

    Also, 8g in the ear really isn't that bad. I had 6g in my hand when I got tagged.

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