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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by coughlin's law, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. I was playing around with my XT last night, and I shot in my room with some minimal light (basically a room lamp) with my Sigma 10-20mm, at TV: 0"3, AV: 6.0 and ISO 100 and I included flash... and it actually helped with the photo...

    I didn't shoot at a tv or mirror -- but is using flash in a long exposure, or a naturally lit room a good idea? I'm wondering in addition to manual mode, is including flash a good idea?
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    it doesnt hurt. just be careful of a few things:

    shadows cast by the flash
    its easy to over expose areas
    flash will usually be a cooler colour temp than natural lighting
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    its a very good idea, but it requires a lot of practice to dominate..

    you can get some really cool effects popping the flash manually while the photo is exposing, just practice it a LOT and you will start to develop a feeling for how the flash affects the photo, with enough practice you will be able to see your intended photo in your mind and once it actually shows up as you expected it its a very gratifying experience.

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