WEB Additional charge for doing the design - but using a template?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Ebtek, Oct 9, 2007.

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    i got a guy on elance that offered to do a fairly simple website with a db. he bid $140. others are bidding $250-$600.

    under my requirements i put: a site for XXX. a user logs in, and posts XXX and visitors can search XXX. i looked at his portfolio and saw a couple where i liked the layout, and said i wanted him to make my site look like either of those. he said the template will be $150 extra...but he would design a template from scratch. wtf does this mean? anyone can dl 1000 web templates from some torrent site..or you can buy them for like $10 ea. what could he mean he's doing a "different" template from scratch?

    he's asked me for the content for the home page, and the navigation bar, etc...and will design a mock up to show me, but if we're working from a template, id like to know exactly what, and how much, information i need to have so it flows nicely. amirite?
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    Well, if you want to use a free template, the best thing to do is find the template, purchase it, and have him use that instead. You not only save yourself $140, and if he's a decent developer, he will have absolutely no problems implementing it.

    If he actually designed his own templates and you asked to make it look like any one of those, it's not only an opportunity for him to regurgitate existing templates and create a new "theme" out of it, but it'll allow him to mark up the cost as well.

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