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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Strife, May 1, 2007.

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    Okay so I work in finance and have created my fair share of formatting macros but this one is a little more difficult.

    What my departments want me to do is highlight rows that have a variance of over $10000 at the highest level. This in itself isn't too difficult, but I need to highlight rows at all the levels that role up into the highest department, even when these variances at the lower levels are under $10000.

    So basically, what I was thinking is this:

    Is there way to make a macro that first sees if the variance is over $10000 for certain lines at the highest tab, then store the names of these rows i.e. Promotions, Office Supplies, etc.

    Then as I go down in the lower level tabs first look to see if Column C = the stored name, then check to see if the variance is over $1000 at the lower level and highlight them?

    Not sure if I explained it clearly lemme know if anyone has any ideas. It would be easier to make a macro for this than do it by hand, I already cut down these month end reports from 4 hrs to 30 min with macros I created, the person before me did it all by hand :x

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