Advantage of 2x10's vs 1x10?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Metalifann, Aug 2, 2002.

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    I'm looking for sound quality with my system and was wondering if there are any advantages of 2 10's vs 1 10 other than being louder. If the only purpose of using 2 10's is looks and volume then I dont need to buy two so I would some opinions.


    the difference in 2 10s vs 1 10 is basically output

    if you just want a little bit of bass and dont need it to be hair moving loud check out something like an Image Dynamics IDQ 10. They dont cost a ton and have excellent acuracy and can still get decently loud
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    It all depends on the speaker being used. There are 10" out there that can have as much output as a 15". It just depends on the speaker in question. There are also 10" out there that can have as much output as 4 10" of a lesser xmax. Without going into too much detail let me just say this. Pretty much the only reason you would need 2 drivers over one is for A: stereo response, which isnt an issue with bass below 100hz. B: output. So if you dont need really loud bass, then probably 1 10" speaker will be good enough for you.

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