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    So here's the story,

    I have this class which I'm taking, which is also in conflict with another class that's at the same time. Luckily this class is once a week and I can get someone to cover me for notes for when I have to skip the other one to go to this one.

    I had told the prof of my problem, and he seemed pretty receptive. Everything was going fine and dandy until I had to do a draft of my essay. The draft was due Monday, which got extended to Wednesday at 12 for the whole class. Fair enough, but on Thursday I had to do a presentation on this same draft; a presentation worth 25% of my mark. I was also first in line to present.

    So I asked the prof if I could be moved to present on another day because I was having a rough time staying on top of all my work, what with the conflict with the other class, and having to present so soon.

    He says no, and that he grants extensions on compassionate grounds only.

    Fine, I guess I'm fucked, and better to just drop the course than to get a shitty mark and pull me away from the all important 70% average needed to get my honours degree.

    Shit's still fine and dandy. I'm a bit bitter that I dropped the class, but alas, life's a bitch sometimes. I figured he was one of those real hard profs that does everything to the letter and sticks to policy and all that...

    Anyways, later that day, I get to my room and open up msn to find a message from my friend in the same class. Apparently, he was having trouble with his draft for the essay, and he got an extension on it scott free. He didn't have to provide any documentation for illness or death in the family or shit like that.

    So at this point I'm like WHAT THE FUCK? How come he can get an extension, on top of an extension, and I can't get moved to a different day to present? Everyone presents on different days anyways, so it's not like I'd be getting some great advantage over the other students.

    So now I'm fucking pissed as hell, and I don't know what to do. Anyone have any problems like this? What'd you guys do?

    :sadwavey: :wtc: I was fucking shaking with anger. I just want to get out of here. I don't want to come back for another year just for this one course, but I want my honours degree. I can still graduate with a general degree, but then all the business courses I took for my minor won't mean jack shit.
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    First off-- you should of been more responsible then that. Taking two classes that are conflicting each other because their set time is the same. You should of either taken the same class on a different day, or a different time. I can understand that you need the class but at the same time, just trying to keep up with both classes will get you stressed.

    I can understand the need to overlap things and to due more credits but at the same time, you should still be a bit responsible for your work load.

    I think that the professor was more than willing to understand your situation and your work load in both classes. At the same time, because of this, you should of been more on top of your assignments and make a plan of what needed to be done so you're keeping up with both classes. He might of said no to your extension because he was already lenient on you. You should of had a syllabus for both classes, and in that syllabus would of been all the assignments that needed to be done, what type of assignments you would be having, and et cetera.

    I've taken 21 credits before in a quarter and that was hard. I did that while working part time too, and I was if not always--somewhat staying on top of my classes. I had decent grades by the end of it, mostly B's and A's. I worked out a time line of when I needed to start something, and when it should be done.

    In a similar situation to this that I had with my professor, I waited after class to speak to her or during her office hours. I would ask her why I wasn't given an extension when clearly, someone else was given one even though they had no good reason, except for the fact that they just didn't do it and wanted more time. Even an e-mail would suffice for answers, and you should ask if it's bothering you a lot.

    If you withdrew out of the class already (within the period of 'withdrawal week' that will only give you a W and not jack your GPA) then you'll have to take the class again if you want your Honours degree and it's just one more class. At the end of it all, you taking the business classes wouldn't of had been a waste (of money and time).

    There are other options for taking the class--like talking to your academic adviser and see if there's an online course for it. If not, then see if there's a night class or what not. It shouldn't be too hard if you're going to a University, community college, or a technical college. There's so many classes that's offered online nowadays that I'd be surprised if they didn't have an online course for the class you're taking.

    So, all in all, talk to your professor if you want answers. He (or she) will be the only one that can give you an answer to as why they did what they did.

    And don't worry about it, if it's only one class that you need before you get your honours degree, then your work load shouldn't be that hard next year/semester/quarter.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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