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Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by apman0000, Jul 22, 2009.

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    long story short:

    A. was 280 pounds
    Bench 360 ish
    ran 2 miles 5 times a week (8 minute pace, not exactly a speed demon)


    Broke 1 leg, 2 ribs, shoulder surgery and an assortment of minor injuires


    B. weight 330 pounds
    just struggled to put up 180 on the bench (STRUGGLED)
    walked at a 3 mph pace for 12 minutes and was worn out

    Leg is mostly healed good to go for anything short of heavy lifting with the lower body

    shoulder is good to go but still rehab for mobility

    i'm discouraged as hell and have no idea how to begin, focus on cardio for awhile and slowly add weights back in (upper body only for another month or more)

    or try to work upper body (struggling with limited range of motion with shoulder still) and do cardio

    fucking physical therapy douche bags want me to play with rubber bands and walk daily, jsut feels like an old woman work out and it's making me nuts to be this terribly out of shape.

    drink about a gallon of water a day
    plenty of protein (food not supplements)
    tons of vitamins

    aside from just doing the cardio and upper body where the shoulder range of motion isn't an issue, any tips after recovering from a major set back ?

    (in my lower 30's. was a college wrestler so even though i got bigger with age i always worked out enough that i wasn't in terrible shape, now i feel like 1 of those fuckers from the biggest loser show)
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