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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by athan, Oct 17, 2008.

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    My dad, who can't smell due to a sinus infection early in life, bought a used car that has been partied in. it smells like a car that has been smoked in, drank in, and had stuff spilled all over the place.

    I was planning on.

    1. dry vaccum to remove dry particulates
    2. spray with 1:8 wool light or maybe simple green at the appropriate ratio
    3. use BLGM to pull the wool light or SG out of the fabric
    4. spray with a enzyme stain / smell remover... probably the pet variety since I have some already.
    5. Use blgm to pull enzym out of the fabric.
    6. profit?

    I have 0 idea what to do with the head liner, i'll try to search for that here but any advice would be welcome.

    Oh, and before you flame my pops for the crappy car purchase. He bought the car because he drives an hour to work each way and it gets around 35 mpg when he's nice to it.
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    do *NOT* use any kind of vacuum or harsh cleaner on the headliner. i learned the hard way that it will make the headliner droop within a week :o
  3. athan

    athan Guest

    yeah, I wasn't going to touch it unless someone reliable has a good technique. I have an uncle who does detailing. I might call him up and ask what he does.
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    Take a damp MF towel and use your Woolite mix on the head liner. Of course, test a spot first.

    You might want to pick up some Folex from Home Depot. It's labeled as a spot remover but it's bad ass on carpets and headliners. No foaming either. I've used it on leather as well. I can't live without it now.

    For the smoking part, while at Home Depot get a can of ZEP's Odor Control. It's in an aerosol can. The BEST deodorizer on the planet. I keep a can at home too. My wife loves the scent. Kills smoke odors like nothing else.

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