SRS advice for this.. "book" im writing.

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    ok i know it LOOKS long but it realy isnt, 3 medium sized paragraphs. I also, repeats alittle but im working on it. So be honest even if its mean...

    am the epitome of mindlessness. My mind changes, drifts, examines, and takes in everything, but is always floating and looking for answers. I am not only one person, I’m 557 persons. I am not only a mindless opinionated being, I am also, pertinent, but I am deficient in ways too. I am blind to things I should be constant with. I am so lost in our world of bleakness, but yet so much higher than found I am astounded. Some see me as a perceptive individual, while at the same time others around me view me as a duplicate of society-based. I tell myself I am different than my neighbor when in reality he/she is my brother/sister and we are coequal. I am no higher than the bag lady perched under the bridge, nor the boy that sits alone at lunch. Therefore they are no higher than I since we all are connected in a way that not even man can explain. I am a target of hope for the future, often questioned but not out loud if I will be the one to put an end to this upshot hell of a planet. I may be all these things plus more but I am not voiceless. And I may be at times green, but I am not and never will be feebleminded.
    I grew up my whole childhood being absolute, self-determining, and self-reliant. The broken-home thing growing up with imparted parents and an older oppressive but affectionate sister. When having fun meant, getting the whole neighborhood together and playing ghost-in-the-graveyard or bargaining with your neighbors. And when the only thing we could complain about was that we had to eat the whole plate of food that dad put on the table. Where bruises and scratches are what made us cry. Growing up as a different child made me who I really am today so I can’t complain. I had fun while it lasted at least. Being the teenager, I am now, is the best thing ever. Times are the worst and I’m having fun. I suppose people like myself in this generation are forced to grow up fast and be convenient for their surroundings because we all know you surely can’t count on them, but I realized it’s best for my future. Now this whole paragraph makes me sound like a nagging bitch, which I won’t deny being at times, but life hasn’t been bad at all. I figured, compare my life to those in India, women being genitally mutilated, and all the genocide in Iraq, and I’m basically a fucking queen based on the life I’m living…. the life we are all living in this god forsaken country.
    Now in the first paragraph I announce that I am mindless but very opinionated, including the statement I made before about growing up self-reliant. And I am judgmental just as much as you are, but do we try? In this world of stereotypes and systemized robots we are programmed to be, we judge, gather, and evaluate which leads to hatred, rage, and war. We all preach our not-so abiding assumptions to our family and friends thinking that what we are saying is going to make a difference, and that we are going to make a change by stating what you truly think you believe. And what you think you believe could be something that you just thought up in your mind a week ago. And we all do this, "preaching" if you must, so we will be recognized and remembered. We do this because we all know we are mindless but too overbearing to admit it. And what I’ve realized I need to do, is to remember that I really am not voiceless and that I never will be, but will always be mindless. We have let the government and those that are so "distinguished" compared to us; who would be the lower status of them all brainwash us and drag us into the distortion of the world we live in now.

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