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    Pics when i have some daylight :x:

    I've lost nearly 20 pounds now and daily life is getting MUCH easier on my bad hip/knee combo (left hip surgery 2 years ago, rod down to the knee, screws above the knee and a pin into the hip) Also, When they did the surgery, they cut vertically through my Tensor Fasciae Latae and Gluteus Minimus and they're very weak compared to the right side.

    I've been working my legs up gradually and KNOW that my left leg is still much weaker than my right (by the fact that the thighs measure differently and that I can't do the same weight with each leg, I have to lever press them)

    BUT I'd like to start squatting and getting tougher on my legs so they can slim down the way my upper body has (i'm starting to look really pear shaped :hs: )

    I'm definately going to have a spotter. Any other suggestions for strength gaining in that area/prepping myself for squatting, maybe stuff I can do at home while sitting on the compy?

    Thanks in advance :kiss:

    IBpicsofyourgluteusminimis :o
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