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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Frazz, Aug 14, 2008.

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    ok so i met this woman a few months back, denise, and was instantly attracted to her. she was with a group of other girls and i went out on a date with one of the others, lindsay. Nothing ever happened between us and we all hang out as a group all the time.

    A couple weeks ago i met one of their other guy friends, jeff, and we all get along real well. I took denise out to dinner the other night and we both had a great time. For the past week, the 4 of us have been doing alot together.

    Denise and i keep catching each other looking at us and have given each other the 'eye'.

    we all sat down to watch a movie, a chick flick (Jeff and i had made them watch waiting) so it was their turn to pick. Denise sat next to jeff and had her arm around him and leaned on him the whole time. After that we went outside and made a fire and looked like they were starting to get more intimate. they went on a walk together as lindsay and i talked.

    we all go back to school within the next few weeks. Jeff and Denise's school are a good 6 hours apart whereas mine is 25 min from hers. i would like to get into a relationship with her but i dont know what to do.

    she sees jeff alot more often right now because they live less than a 5 minute walk apart and went to high school together whereas im from another city so its possible they have always been close and i dont know it.

    do i wait until college to start up again and start seeing her on weekends and talking to her more. or do i make a move sooner?

    cliffs: i and a mutual friend like the same girl. girl sending messages to both of us... how do i find out who she likes and what do i do.
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    Let's be clear about a few things:

    The "messages" she is sending you is all in your head. This girl is no more interested in you than the man in the moon. And you dropped the ball several months ago by not expressing that you wanted to date her.

    Now that that is cleared up, I'll just say that I'd bet a Benjamin that you are hardcore friendzoned with her and that you are reading too much into your interactions with her because YOU like her and see what you want to see.

    Not to mention that your friend is into her.

    My advice? Chalk her up as a failed, missed opportunity and begin working on ways to convey that you want to date a girl within the first one to two interactions with her. A good rule of thumb is that if you feel a need to come here and ask us what to do about a girl you are attracted to, the answer is always going to be "DON'T WAIT, GO ASK HER OUT NOW. NOT LATER. NOT TOMORROW. NOW."

    It's that simple. You wait around and try to figure out if she likes you, you are going to get friendzoned. You sack up and take the situation by the horns, and let her know you are interested in her by asking her out on a date, you will never have to make a thread like this again.

    Good luck.
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    Umm, sounds pretty obvious that she likes Jeff.

    You've waited way too long to make a move. Ask her out on a personal date, none of this double date bullshit. She'll say yes or no. If she says no you can hurry up and move on.
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    good advice that i need to take for myself more often

    and "fighting" over a girl with a friend isnt worth it.

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