Affordable SFF PC (Planning on selling these on eBay or something)

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by FreeSpace, Feb 28, 2005.

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    Linkworld Mini-ATX Case:

    Seasonic 200w SFX PSU w/ mATX adapter:

    AMD Athlon XP 3000+:

    ATI All In Wonder Radeon 9700 Pro:

    1GB Corsair Value Select Dual Kit:

    Chaintech 7NJL6 Motherboard (I dig these guys!):

    ThermalTake Thunderblade 80mm fan (I hate Tt, but the dB rating on this is the shit):

    Arctic Cooling Copper Silent CPU Cooler:

    Samsung 160GB 7200/8MB HD:

    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card:

    Lite on DVD-/+DL DVD-/+RW CD-RW drive:

    SuperMicro 4 Port USB Cable:

    Alps Electric 1.44MB Black floppy (I've had good experiences with these in the past):

    Vantec Round Floppy Cable:

    Vantec Round IDE Cables (2):

    Windows XPenis Home Edition:

    EDIT: MSRP: $1300
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    it's pretty hard to get into the eBay computer market nowadays.

    Do some research because you also need to think about shipping cost, packaging cost, cost of getting all the stuff, cost of buying them, eBay fees, Paypal fees and so forth.

    When I looked into it the prices on eBay vs. the best prices i could ever find were minimal and not worth the effort.

    good luck

    btw: I don't consider that case to be SFF.
  3. FreeSpace

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    I think 9" tall is somewhat SFF.

    I mean, it is 16" deep, but it's not that much worse than an Aria.

    I may sell some cheaper versions on OT if you all want.

    I'd strip it down to 512MB, 120GB, 52x CD-RW, a 2600+, and a BFG TI4200.

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