aftermarket car starter help for 03 cavalier

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by M-1000, Oct 6, 2009.

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    bought a titan remoter starter for manual transmission TS131MXR.

    03 cavalier base model, all options (manual trans)

    i plugged everything in as it should have been - as follows

    car side = starter side

    12v supply RED+ = RED/RED+ 12v supply
    starter YEL+ = PRP starter output +
    IGN1 PINK+ = PINK Ignition Output+
    ACCY/HTR1 ORG+ = Heater/ACCY output +
    Park Light BRWN+ = WHT Park Light Switch Input -
    Tach PRP/WHT = PRP/WHT Tach Detection Input (A/C)
    Brake wht+ = PINK brake light switch input +
    passlock yel+ blk- = PASSLOCK2 Module
    park brake LT BLU = BLK/WHT Park Brake Input -
    door sense GRN/BLK = GRN Door Input -

    Passlock 2 module hooked up as per instructions 'passlock 2b'. learn procedure successful

    plug everything in, tach learn procedure no good. 3 flashes instead of 2. find a different tach input (where can i tap another tach input?)

    try to program the remote starter setup (ready mode) and the car will not stay running when i shut it off/take the key out

    press the start button on the remote and the park lights give 4 quick flashes, nothing happens. no diagnostic codes in the book for 4 quick flashes, just 4 slow flashes (door open)

    wtf did i do wrong?
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    For manual trans, your going to need to wire up a relay for the clutch sensor to start.

    edit: manual trans' are a bitch, I had my friend who used to work at circuit city do it. If your doing something simple like security/keyless entry thats cake, even an auto tranny as is doesn't use a sensor to know that your clutch it pressed in.

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