aftermarket deck with factory "PREMIUM SOUND"

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  1. Will a new car stereo deck integrate well with the vehicle's factory premium sound used from the original audio system (i.e. Ford-JBL & Bose)?

    The current radio in my 1986 Lincoln Town Car (had it when the car was new) is equipped with "Premium Sound" (denoted on its face & on the speakers) and I'm considering of changing it with a new aftermarket deck for obvous reasons, plus I'll be adding a CD Changer.

    need answers, please (por favor).
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    Sure you can add an aftermarket deck to the factory system. You'll need an adapter harness at your local shop.

    What you need to do is take the wire harness you just bought and match the wires on it with the wires coming out of the back of the head unit. Connect them together. Once you've done that, you just plug the harness you bought into the car's harness and voila! You're done.

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