TECH Aftermarket system with stock head unit issues


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Sep 2, 2003
Pasadena, California
Hey guys good to be back on here long story short don't have my 07 gt now in a 2011 5.0.

Well here's my problem I'm having hopefully you can help me figure it out.
First my new current setup
I bought a pair of focal k2 components for the front.
1 Memphis 75wattx4 channel amp
2 Memphis m3 10 inch subs
1 Memphis 1100watt mono block
And audiocontrol lc6i
Running on 2guage wire from battery to back where its split into 4 gauge wires running into each amp

All running from stock head unit none shaker none nav.

My problem is I have to run the 4 channel amp on HP. Or the midrange distorts @ 15% volume using flat setting on amp.
On high pass settings speakers are very bright where it hurts my ears an keeps shutting speakers off at 30% volume I feel like they can handle alot more if i can tune it right . If I run the 4 channel amp on FLAT they sound better but midrange again keeps distorting.
I have audiocontrol tuned properly and I messed with the settings on amp just doesn't sound right.
I think I need a new head unit and 30 band crossover/ equalizer
Feels like to me I can't get perfect balance of hi mids and lows.
I am either getting to much bass from midrange or none at all.

Anything you guys recommend?


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Sep 23, 2005
Where the Green Grass Grows
You sure it's not factory amplified even though it's none nav? Where are you tapping in for your HP signal? Did you run seperate new speaker wires to each speaker or are you utilizing the factory wiring?


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Jul 15, 2001
The Kansass/Oklahomo Border
since it's on a factory headunit still, and they have bass roll off to varying degrees... it probably has to do with the audiocontrol piece, mixed with the factory roll off... i've never messed with it, so i don't know if there is much manual adjustment... if any, or if they are just universal points... or if your only adjustment is matching gains, like normal LOCs... if it's just a glorified LOC, you just need to bite the bullet... and get a aftermarket headunit in there, to get a clean signal.

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