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  1. Ok, when I was in, I used to use the garage with all the lifts and tools on base at Davis-Monthan to do my car repairs and upgrades. I may be moving closer to a base in the near future and I was wondering, do you have to be active duty to use that stuff or can veterans use it too? I'm not even sure I can get on a base anymore considering all I have now is a VA ID card.
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    Yeah. They don't even ask for ID.
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    being unable to get on base will be the deciding factor. Unless you actually have a "retired" ID and get all the same benefits ie commissary, exchange, etc as active duty then you won't be able to get on base.
  4. yeah im not retired. i got out on the force shaping program. when i went to Scott, i was told that i could go to the closest reserve center and get an ID that would allow me to get on base and have commissary privleges and whatnot. i'm not sure if that's a lifetime deal or just temporary though.

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