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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Buck-O, Oct 26, 2008.

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    So im planning on Joining the AF after the first of the year (more then likely).

    Im studying for my ASVAB now, and waiting to get my scores back to really start trying to nail down a career.

    Sucks i started on this like a month to late, so im going to be part of the new 8.5 week BMT, and not the former 6 weeks, but whatever. Whats another couple weeks?


    Im just curious as to what some of you guys do for a living? What you learned from enlisting? What are some helpful tips, and basically whatever else might come in handy that yovue learned along the way, or wish you had done differently.

    Hopefully i will be serving next to some of you soon. :wavey:
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    Nov 16, 2006
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    There are lots of enlisted guys here in the baracks and they will be much more helpful than the replies you got in the main forum.

    What career field are you looking at going into? Any college? Might want to post some details about yourself.
  3. Buck-O

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    I dont know what career path im going to take yet. But i want it to be something that can easily be turned into a civilian job after i get out. Preferably something with security clearance because that counts for alot as well.

    I have no college, other then some sorta head start classes in HS. I do have a Diploma.

    Im 27. Kind of have no life at the moment, and want to do something to get myself into a better place in life, and i think this is a good idea. All im doing now is getting fat and lazy, and this would certainly take care of those problems.
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    Go into it with an open mind and don't let the petty stuff get you down. No matter how much rank you make, someone will always be straddling your face just to crap down your throat. Let it go, kick ass at what you do, and necer forget to fill out your and sign up for classes.
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    Centennial, CO

    go work with satellites in Colorado and you will be money in the civilian world
  6. My lifelong friend retired as a Senior Master Sergeant and 29 years recently. He was with NASA for almost 15 of his last years. He said he was a satellite geek. He got a job with Harris Corp. after retirement, but he quit for a good job with a charitable organization in Orlando, FL. He said he was tired of travelling. He must've flown maybe three million miles. He has a very good travel website:
  7. Are you at FE Warren now? I was there for awhile in 1979-80. My very first experience with snow was there. They had a blizzard for three days. The drifts of snow in town were way up to the rooftops. I liked the location there, of course, that might've had somethin' to do with getting high riding around town many times with a friend.

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