Airport Extreme N and Airport Express Bridge

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Mach D, May 14, 2007.

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    WTF, this is so god damn frustrating. Can anybody help me?

    Using the AirPort Utility, I've configured a WDS Network with an AirPort Extreme N and an AirPort Express. My goal was to have wireless music connected to my home stereo and have the Express act as a birdge.

    I've only sort-of accomplished this goal. My Macbook Pro is unable to see both the Extreme and the Express at the same time for more then 1 minute or so. It's certainly strange behavior.

    If I reset my my Extreme by changing a setting, I am able to see the Express and the Extreme from the AirPort Utility. If I just leave it as it is, after about 1 minute or so I'll rescan and ONLY see the Extreme Base Station. I'm unable to stream music as iTunes can't locate the Express. If I reset my Extreme again to see both, only when I can see both, I'm able to stream music from iTunes to the Express. Today I streamed for about 6 hours without changing the song. When I came to change a song in iTunes, suddenly I could no longer see my Express!!

    This is completely annoying and utterly ridiculous. I'm so close to returning the Express because it hasn't been as easy to use as everything esle I've bought from Apple. I've searched the boards and didn't find this specific issue.


    Am I missing something?
    Why can I see it sometimes and then it goes away?
    Has anybody experienced this?
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    i was under the assumption that when you use the express as a bridge it will be there, but you wont connect directly to it... it will just extend your network...
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    First download istumbler

    Are you seeing both the Airport and the Express? It should show them both on istumbler, as well as their strength and channel and other things. I have only set up the Express as a bridge on a Buffalo router. Do make sure that both the Airport and Express are on the same channel as well as share the same SSID name. Otherwise, I *think* that the Admin Utility should take care of the rest. I would probably not use the Easy Admin Setup and instead would just use the Admin Utility to configure the Express.

    This may or may not help but here is the tuturial on how to setup the Buffalo and Express like I mentioned.

    I'm sure someone else will have more information than I did...sorry I couldn't be anymore help. :hs:
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    I had my airport extreme N and airport express connected at the same time. I used the "N" as the main base station and the express as an extension of the network

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