Alex Baldwin will be charged with involuntary manslaughter


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Mar 12, 2006
Memphis, TN
This was already added to the official Alec Baldwin Murder thread...

So here's my input on this thread.




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Dec 17, 2001
great, now we are going to be subjected to a decade of Alex Baldwin firearm safety PSAs as his community service punishment.
well hopefully what actually happens is that the film industry wakes up and stops using real guns on set. it's already convincing enough with props; add in post production and then it's a wonder why you'd even have to use real guns at all

you'll never actually satisfy gunbros on realism anyway, so better to avoid the liability in the first place


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Jul 31, 2001
Houston, TX
If convicted what is that 7-12 with 5 on good behavior?
Ehhh...Decent chance he pleads out to a lesser charge. Otherwise, it's a fourth-degree felony in NM, 18-36 months if convicted - and those are just the guidelines, he could (will) get a lesser punishment if it goes that far.


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Jan 30, 2006
Bisbee, AZ
Alec admitted to not checking the gun on video. That is all the evidence you need.
I have spent 0.0 seconds on movie sets but it seems like that would be the responsibility of the armorer on duty that day. Given the overwhelming majority of actors have less than zero experience with firearms, I don't understand why they'd be expected to identify a disabled weapon with whatever squib round they were going to use for the day vs live ammunition. I also don't understand why you'd ever have live ammunition anywhere near the set, especially on a day where a scene like this was going to be filmed. Charging the director also feels extremely desperate and out of place.

I don't make movies tho and Alec Baldwin's an asshole so if he hangs for this one no big loss.

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