All About Fats - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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  1. Cliff Notes:: Use more Olive Oil, cut transfatty acids, saturated fats - Increase Omega 3 fats, and balance your Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids - Hydrogenated Oils = bad bad as do partially hydrogenated oils. Omega 3 fats strengthen the immune system, and body. All oils must be stored in light proof containers (especially Polyunsaturated oils/fats)


    Healthy fats like First Pressed Virgin Olive Oil (Most Greek Brands) are excellent additions to the diet. Beware most Olive oils which claim to be First pressed, and Virgin Olive Oil are highly processed to the point they are clear, and the flavor has been removed.

    Krinos makes the best Olive Oil in my opinion, or you can find a high quality oil from your local Health Food Store. "Cooking does kill the antioxidants in Olive Oil, but does not damage the fat quality or form Trans Fatty Acids". Beware when using oils - all oils would best be used after cooking has been completed and the food has cooled a little, For example to get the most bang from my oils I use 1 tbsp of Olive OIl in the meal after the meal is cooked and in each serving.

    Additional fat of this kind/quality will be very helpful for anyone, including those who are trying to lose weight, and burn fat. They are crucial to health!

    Olive Oil contains -

    Two side notes:

    1: Sterols & Sterolins (also known as phytosterols) are phytonutrients & are partly responsible for the healing and protective effects of plants. They are present in all plants (fruits and vegetables). Autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE (Lupus), Psoriasis, Allergies & Asthma. In these cases, the immune system incorrectly attacks the body’s cells. Sterols & Sterolins help prevent this occurring by sensitizing the immune system so that it correctly identifies the body’s own tissue, and does not attack it. T-cells (part of the immune system) are responsible for recognizing infected cells. Once the T-cells have identified the infected cells, they release chemicals called lymphokines, which attract cyctotoxic cells. Once these cytotoxic cells arrive on the scene, they destroy the infected human cells. Sterols & Sterolins work by increasing the number of identifier T-cells, lymphokines & cytotoxic cells. Thus Sterols & Sterolins mainly boost the part of the immune system that is responsible for identification. Sterols help inflammation by balancing DHEA: Cortisol ratio. Cortisol decreases your immune system's ability to function effectively.

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    my god...very nice post metallic..very impressive...graphs and get an A for the presentation


    seriously though...those of you worried about fat and stuff should definatly read this has alot of usefull info....
  3. I didn't write the majority of it - everything in "quotes" is data collected from respected websites. Links have been provided to those sites at the bottom of each article I felt conveyed the needed information - if a link is not provided the source reference is included. The photo of the fat graph is linked from the "first quoted source" page - link is included at the bottom.

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    shhhh....don't say i figured that most of it was from other sources....but either way great informative post....
    where do you get most of this info, from WEBMD?
  5. A number of sources - one being Web MD, and a few others being random sites run by Dr's interested in research on Oils. Some of the data is my own (unquoted), and some is from Holistic Researchers (Mark Konlee).

    P.S. Thanks - I figured if people knew what was behind the foods they eat (especially fats), then they may be more likely to implement them into their diets.

    Every single food I eat I know specifically what it will do - I try to study holistic medicine as well since they tend to be the first to progressively step out onto topics where other under funded researchers can't, and I like casting a broad net over health topics to get as much out of them as possible.

    If people really knew what was in their foods I can 100% gaurantee most would immediately change their diets for the better, especially when the change can be made towards eating extremely healthy foods which taste ten times better then the foods which tend to do damage.

    It's true - I shit you not, my diet is almost nothing but healthy foods "primarily" 95% of the time, and I fully enjoy what I eat because I figured out how to make the right connections, how to combine them to get the most bang out of the taste, and content. Healthy Fat's play a large role in "satisfation" from a meal - they really fill the meals I eat up and make them much more satisfying as do herbs like basil, garlic, majoraam, red pepper, and a whole host of others.
  6. I hope more folks see this - so I'm moving it up. :bigthumb:
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    So METALLlC BLUE you use olive oil in place of butter and margarine? And u only use it for cooking?
    Just wondering?
  8. Usually I like to stick with Olive Oil personally. I'll sometimes have butter or margarine occasionally but not for doing the cooking. I'm conscious if I use them so as not to make them a habit. I'll add a tiny bit on for taste "AFTER" the high heat cooking is done so as not to produce TFA (Transfatty acids), but I tend to stick with the Olive Oil out of habit now for it's health effects, with butter and margarine don't really have (lack of plant antioxidants, and enzymes). I'll use herbs and garlic with it, and add basil and some garlic salt to make the flavors really stand out.

    For cooking I "only" like to use Olive Oil since it's easier to come by compared to other oils, though there are some other options. Cooking the oil kills the antioxidants in the oil no matter what kind it is, but with Olive Oil it's still a good source of monounsaturated fats. However like stated above Olive Oil will "NOT" turn into Trans Fatty Acids like some other types. It's a very stable oil being almost all Monounsaturated fat

    I usually will add 1 tbsp of Olive Oil in "AFTER" the cooking is done to really boost the antioxidants and to also give it more texture. Usually each serving of "cooked" food gets one tbsp. Including pasta, rice, beans, sea foods etc. Fats really help make a meal feel satisfying. I'll usually add a little more garlic salt (just a pinch) and some Basil or other herbs depending on what meal I'm cooking to enhance taste.
  9. nice post. Thanks!
  10. Glad you enjoyed it - let's keep this up top so others can read it.
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    Great post, thanks! Hopefully some people can learn that fats are good. I think olive oil is the best.
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    Can we have a post about fat without me saying something? :fawk:

    Great post.

    I love olive oil, like you, I use OO instead of butter and margerine for most things ('cept spreads on sandwiches...there's a low sat. fat butter made my Lactancia that I use, tastes like regular too)

    I also like flax oil, I take it straight. Seems like a lot of people can't do that, but I actually like the taste, kinda nutty. :bigthumb:
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    I knew you'd post in here, I figured you would at least :bowdown: Just kidding. You're definately nutty, but I am, way beyond nutty. Guess that's why I rub people the wrong way. Oh well f*ck it. Gotta :bigthumb: this thread.

    Mods should sticky this for a few days.
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    Oh yeah, color coded bar graphs are absolutely bad ass. Wait I'm starting to sound like an ass kisser, but I gotta give credit where it's due.
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    Hopefuly more people will read this. Great Information.
    Thank you Metallic Blue
  16. We've kept this around for quite a bit. I haven't written up any other researched posts lately. I'll maybe put something together this week.
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    Back in PA!
    How about the food connections you have made??? If you have done this much research, why not create a menu to reduce BAD intake and make a menu that is more health wise :) Great post BTW.. I use Olive Oil in most of my cooking.. Looks like I will have too switch it over entirely!!! KUDOS :)
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    you could be the next big thing Metallic Blue.....
    You and your menu on late night infomertials....

    ok maby not...
  19. Sex is good exercise....uh yeah.......mmmm....yeah - I think I'll go exercise now. :big grin:
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