Allow me to tell you about my in-laws rolling their Expedition pulling a 32-foot camper trailer:


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Mar 13, 2011
It tows just fine!



half black lives matter, too
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Feb 11, 2005
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Also @borazhasleftthebuilding probably wins any big load competitions
the dump trucks at the mine were highway legal load 142,000#, we loaded them to 198,000#, cuz 100% off road, so not illegal

still broke all the frames at the firewall :rofl:

they were warranty :rofl:

western star actually put new frames in them :rofl2:

but the cost of towing them to and from western star, and the loss of revenue from how long they took to put in new frames, we just fish plated steel to the frames and called it good

the 13 axle trucks carried 220,000#, cant member what the trucks weighed


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Feb 14, 2009
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oh i have something for this thread now

driving home from chicago yesterday i roll up on some traffic on the turnpike in indiana which eventually slowed to a stop. supposedly an rv bumped trailers with a semi and then all hell broke loose. one semi went across the highway to the westbound lanes and took out another semi or two. westbound was completely blocked and they ended up closing the highway. eastbound they made us sit there for an hour while seemingly doing nothing; i was 3 or 4 vehicles back when they stopped us 😡

first piece of carnage:


idk what was goin on over here but one of those semi drivers kicked the same tar while apparently telling the same story to 11ty people



after an hour-ish and me getting out of the car a few times (and really freaking out the grandparents smoking some dank weed behind me every time) they let the eastbound lanes start movin (right as i finally conceded that i was going to piss my pants and started disrobing so i could try to pee in a water bottle). anyways i think this will buff out.


carnage on the other side of the highway, white truck was blocking all lanes. guessing green truck from the beginning ended up like that from trying to dodge all the madness.


the end

slightly diff story

maybe one day i'll see a flipflop video 20 years from now of some SUV road raging against a semi, speeding up and brake checking him, only to get punted out of the way. ill see the green truck and go ooo i memba

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