Alright boss, I re-paved the roads just like you asked


Buttslut sighting
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Sep 16, 2003
Oh i know.

Just aggravates me :rofl: it's just one more thing on top of the rest of the shit going on

I'm basically like, "look at @whatever eating those chips. Fucking chip eating fat bitch. I hope he chokes." When it comes to anything else going on with the fix
Its more disturbing by the amount of glue :rofl: can tell who are shit plumbers when they got that much glue
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Mar 8, 2009
Los Angeles
Keep trying to get @B-Line to come swoop me up in his Porsche so we can go have dumpy white guy lunch
I’m in for an air-cooled adventure.
I thought he's Hollywood area? I used to live right down Overland, now i want some Apple Pan :o
Good burgers!

I’m in Hollywood. I could walk to the Bowl.
honestly everything from Malibu to Koreatown is the same thing in my mind :rofl:
You had me until the 405.
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Mar 8, 2009
Los Angeles
God damn, how do you deal with that traffic? I hate that area on highland from the 101 through Sunset
Super easy. The only time I ever have a “bad time” because of bowl traffic is once or twice a year when it’s someone like NKOTB.
And when it’s your local streets, you know how to maneuver around it.
I can access my house in and out from 20 different arteries.
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