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    so I'm in a faze right now where I'm listening to a bunch of old alternative stuff, and some not so old. I just can't remember too many bands
    right now I've got some...
    gin blossoms
    goo goo dolls (older stuff)
    better than ezra
    blind melon
    soul asylum
    I know of songs id like to have, but can't remember lyrics, song name, artist or anything about them...anyone remember stuff we listened to back in the day?
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    Feb 13, 2005
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    breakfast at tiffanys - deep blue something

    stone temple pilots of course acoustic plush was all the rage lol

    presidents of the USA - kitty , lump, peaches, video killed the radio star

    seven mary three - cumbersome, lucky

    spin doctors - little miss cant be wrong, two princes, cleopatras cat (though i love big fat funkey booty way more then any of those)

    blur - girls and boys

    soul asylum - runaway train, black gold , somebody to shove

    toadies - possum kingdom

    james - laid

    sponge - plowed , molly, wax estatic

    primal scream - rocks

    marcy playground - sex and candy

    elastica - connection

    cracker - get off this, eurotrash girl

    proclaimers - i would walk 1000 miles

    lemon heads - into your arms, its a shame about ray, mrs robinson

    soundgarden - jesus christ pose, black hole sun

    HAHA - i am such a whore for 90s music. i still go see most of these bands regularly.
  3. BrentRS1985

    BrentRS1985 Guest

    that list brought back a few more memories, thank you

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