Am I screwed already?

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Ford4Life, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Ford4Life

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    I'm not sure on this one, looking for input. Will keep the backstory short.

    Woman I know at work (we don't work in the same dept, or have interaction on a professional level) is single, I have interest. Haven't done anything serious, mostly just talking, going to lunch a few times. We share a mutual friend, so I asked her today what the story is with her. I was told she got out of a long term relationship about 4 months ago, and really isn't looking for a guy right now. Just wants to 'hang out'. She also just moved into an apartment with her sister. Her advice was, don't ask her out right now.

    So, am I fucked on this one already, even worth 'hanging out' or just say scerw it and move on?
  2. Horror

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    People are always susceptible to meeting someone new. Do it, bring her out, have some fun. See how it goes after two times. If it's not going anywhere, end it on a high note...and see if she will ask you to hang out in the future.

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