Am I the asshole? v. Covid distancing...

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:rofl: going to stores that don't sanitize the carts for you

What's it like to be dumb and poor?
I live in the hill town fam, and I technically mlive in the city. Im lucky to have a walmart & target close by


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Jun 7, 2006
The Jersey Shore
Went to the grocery store this morning, and of course it's that time of year again where volunteers from the Foodbank are there in the foyer of the grocery store to hand out giant paper bags to get you to fill them and donate to the Foodbank to help others...

For a little context: Here in London we have a mandatory mask policy (the city, the county, the province, and the health authority have all put out bylaws where you can be charged for not wearing them), we're still supposed to be doing the 6ft/2m distancing (although people seem to think they can sidle right up to you if they have a fucking mask on)... and our infection numbers are going up so fast that we're moving from stage yellow to orange at midnight tonight.

So I head into the grocery store, and because it's winter and -4C outside, the instant the sliding doors open up my glasses fog up. And all I can see is some asshole charging at me with something in their hand... and he gets close enough to touch me before I can yell out "whoa buddy, six fucking feet, get the fuck away from me" as I'm taking off my glasses to see what the fuck is actually happening. And it's some volunteer trying to hand me brown paper bag.... I looked at him and said "please don't touch me or come any closer", grabbed a cart and went into the store...

So my question honestly is: am I the asshole?

Tl;Dr: Some guy from a charity got too close to me to fast and I yelled and swore at him...

On a side note, I hate this "please go shopping at a grocery store for the poor"... because my money being spent on paying retail prices for food does not go nearly as far as if I donated cash to them and they bought shit by the pallet full...
i mean, that's an asshole automatic reaction yea. but he shouldn't have gotten that close to you either. people are fucking stupid.


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Jun 7, 2006
The Jersey Shore
No, fuck them. They should the fuck away from people unless the person calls them over.

I also don’t donate food. Money goes a lot farther. A booster club I belong to also does a canned food drive...they actually take the cash that people donate, drive to a local grocery store, and buy cases of food. It absolutely infuriates me to see donated money wasted like this, but I brought it up, and that’s the way they want to do it, so :shrug: I donate my money elsewhere.

it does? so food drives are inefficient? had no idea.


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Aug 9, 2001
London, Ontario
:rofl: Fuck you dude. Everyone is experiencing various levels of stress and suffering because of this COVID shit and you're over here flying off the handle and trying to justify because you're "upholding your end of the social contract."
No. I mean that I generally enjoy being nice to other people as part of our social contract, and feel bad for yelling at the guy.

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