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    Hey. I currently own a 2001 eclipse gt. My sister gave it to me (or rather my parents made her). Its a 5 speed with intake and some other small stuff. When I got it the front, back, and passanger door were prett banged up, and interior had cig burns and stains. I fixed it up the best I could, and then the clutch assembly went out at 30k. No, Im not bad at driving a manual-the eclipses have a bad probably. Most of their clutch assemblies go out well before 30k miles-so I got lucky. Now Im not going to pay 1-1.5 more grand to get this thing drivable. And then put another 3 into body work. So I am thinking about selling it, and using my own funds and buying a car. Problem is: I have about 19 grand to play around with-but my parents are really against getting a used car which limits me big time. They keep using my car as an example. So, what would be some good used cars for under 19 grand? Tunable? Was my car a fluke, or do alot of cars 4-5 years old have problems. Yes, sorry for the super noob question but this whole ordeal is kind of wanting me to get a used car-so I need some good arguments for getting one. Thanks.

    BTW... Imports are probably more reliable than demestics (at least in my experiences) so that is why I put this here. :)
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    eclipses haven't had the best record when it comes to reliability. i've known a number of people with them and they're shitboxes compared to other cars. they can be made fast as hell, a good platform for mods, but if you want reliability, i'd look to a honda or nissan. even though hondas are just about anywhere you look these days, they're very reliable, even as used cars. the aftermarket support of course is there so if you want to mod one, it shouldn't be too hard. i'd suggest a prelude, easily the best looking honda, besides the s2000. and they're classy as hell.
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    mommy told me i could only spend 50k on my car for 16th b-day so i got an m3
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    For what its worth I will never buy another new car. I have bought my last new car will only used from now on. The used car market of today is much different than the used car market of the 70’s and 80’s that your parents are probable used to. The used car market today is flooded with good reliable used cars with lower miles because so many come off leases. Additionally the general buying habits of consumers have changed with people getting new cars every 3-4 years. Some arguments for getting used are:

    1. Financial. The depreciation hit on a new car as soon as you drive it off the lot is huge. By buying a used car 1-3 years old you allow the first owner to take hit and can save significant amounts of money. You can really get some good deals on used cars. This can allow you to purchase a much nicer car than you could afford new.

    2. Certified pre owned warranties. With certified pre owned programs from most manufacturers you get a minimum 3 year warranty and usually get some type of special financing. Just like buying new but at a better price.

    To illustrate 1 & 2, in February I got a certified pre owned 2000 BMW 328i with 42k miles. I got a manufacturers warranty beyond the original factory warranty (just like the new car warranty) for 36 months or until the car reaches 100k miles. The original sticker was in the car with an MSRP of $42k, I purchased it for $25k. I saved over $17k on car that looks and drives like it brand new and I have a warranty for 36 months and 60k miles. Ask your parents why buying a new car in this case would be better?

    The key to getting a good used car is knowing what you are getting. Spend $125 and get a pre-purchase inspection on the car from a mechanic that is very familiar with the type of car and the possible weaknesses. Your sister’s eclipse sounds like it was a little “ragged out” and not taken care of. These are the type of cars you stay away from on the used market. Look for a car that was obviously cared for by the previous owner. If purchasing from an individual service records and records of all the maintenance being completed is very important. Keep up on the maintenance and research any modifications you plan thoroughly for reliability issues. The used car market can be gold mine for getting a great car that you could not afford brand new, but at the same time it can be a mine field. Be an informed consumer and you should be fine.

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