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  1. I found this program yesterday, it simulates natural selection using genetic algorithms coupled with a 3D virtual environment.

    Basically, you set up some parameters which govern the simulation and this program starts by making a number of random creature models (which are simply cubes of different dimensions linked together with joints). For each random model it makes it measures the models "fitness" in one of several ways, the default of which is the distance the thing moves from its origin. The two with the best fitness are then "bred" together to form the next set of 100 (or however many you tell it to), each with similar traits as the parents and again chooses the two best from that generation to form the next and so on indefinitely.

    Apparently not only is the physical structure of the model evolved but so is the "brain", or the way in which each part moves relative to each other part.

    I have left it running overnight and it is on the 9th generation and I was SHOCKED at the progress it made in 6 hours. When I went to bed it was a bunch of seemingly random bumbling clumsy things that were moving around in random directions. The models it is testing now are typically highly refined, most of which have two big apendages resembling frog legs and these things are hopping forward, moving in a relatively straight path for distances 10x or more anything I saw during the second or third generation.

    Then I took a look at some of things this program made when allowed to run for hundreds of generations and I was floored... take this for example, absolutely amazing:


    Anyway, if you have a reasonably fast computer and a lot of time on your hands (it can run in the background, make sure to disable keyboard input from the file menu then just alt-tab out) you should check it out, just don't expect anything remotely impressive until about 10 generations (8 hours on my computer, with a population size of 100 per generation)
  2. Here is one that looks to be where mine is headed, this is the 500th generation:

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    lol @ ae ban.

    but that stuff is pretty cool. i have to write something AI for uni and completely uninspired.

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