ENT Amber Heard nose beers right in front of judge.


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Jul 23, 2004

What If Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Had a Premarital Agreement?​

Oh, the gritty details we’re learning from the latest court battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This unfortunate airing of dirty laundry may have been avoided with a prenup. Should you think about getting one yourself?​

Should You Consider a Prenup?​

Prenuptial agreements and confidentiality agreements are particularly important for the following people getting married:
  • Those with children from a prior relationship.
  • Older couples.
  • People getting married with significant assets prior to marriage.
  • People or public figures seeking to keep such matters private.
  • People seeking to protect their partner from his or her debts or liabilities (or those seeking to protect themselves from their partner’s debts).
If you fall into one or more of these categories, then you should take a lesson from the two celebrity divorce cases described above and consider entering into a prenuptial agreement before marriage. Here are six other protections to consider, too:

  1. Pair the prenuptial agreement with a confidentiality agreement for greater privacy.
  2. Identify separate assets that are acquired prior to the marriage. Consider whether income from those separate assets will be community or separate property.
  3. Consider whether the wages or earnings from work or efforts during marriage are community or separate property. Are debts to be considered community or separate? An often-overlooked alternative for a prenuptial agreement is to insulate one spouse from the debts and liabilities of his or her partner.
  4. If one spouse has substantially greater assets or income (which is frequently the case), consider designating certain assets to go to the less wealthy spouse over time so that a divorce after a long-term marriage does not otherwise leave one spouse with insufficient assets. Such a provision in some cases substantially enhances the effectiveness of the prenuptial agreement.
  5. Consider pairing the prenuptial agreement with an asset protection trust, which provides a second, considerable layer of protection from lawsuits, divorce and other claims. This trust, which should be created and funded before the prenuptial agreement, is a trust specifically designed to provide greater creditor and asset protection for the creator or grantor of the trust. An asset protection trust can be domestic and, currently, 17 states, including Nevada, South Dakota and Wyoming, have laws that permit these trusts. Additionally, foreign asset protection trusts, or hybrid bridge trusts, can be used, such as trusts settled under the laws of the Cook Islands. A hybrid bridge trust begins life as a domestic asset protection trust but converts to a foreign offshore trust in the event of a crisis.
  6. Consider including an estate planning provision to permit portability of the deceased spouse’s unused estate tax exemption (the “DSUE”) to a surviving spouse. Even a carefully crafted estate plan can be derailed with an unplanned death particularly if coupled with a change in marital status.
What law firm put that out? Reads like an article from Lawyers U.S.A.
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Jul 23, 2004
ohhhh, not to get anyone's hopes up but there are reports that Brad Pitt is saying his wine sales were hurt by the bad publicity Angelina put out.
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Jul 23, 2004
Camilla and Ben will be on Good Morning America tomorrow at 7 am eastern.


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Oct 27, 2004
Angelina is beyond reproach.
In April 2021, Pitt explained that they had “progressed to a very advanced stage, and the parties even reached an agreement on price,” but by the next month, following a children custody ruling in favor of Pitt, Jolie “abruptly informed Pitt in mid-June 2020 that they were terminating discussions,” the complaint says.

Sounds pretty fucked up to me :o
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Dec 17, 2001
Jolie? Nah….never got all the hype about her looks tbqhwy
I understand it, just don't share it.
That’s y’all women that put her on that pedestal.

I found Jennifer Aniston to be far more attractive than her back then to now. :dunno:
I guess my tastes were always a bit weird. When people were oogling over Jolie I was hyped about Amy Acker, Julie Benz, etc.

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