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    So, I have this track from titled Red God Yellow God and I have to say it is one of my favorites. Im not sure how many of you out there are ambient fans - but marc is one of the best! Check out his site for TONS of free tracks!

    Anyway, from red god yellow god - the best part for me is the start of the track - featuring the AMAZING voice of Akira Yamoaka:

    this is the track cut down to just the song intro: (.mp3 1:45)

    If you want the full track, you can download it at - all of his stuff is free and fantastic if you're in to ambient - down tempo mixes.

    if you want to skip the torrents that he has, i have red god yellow god on my server:

    careful, its 165mb and is 72 minutes long.

    (i posted this in the main forum - sorry for the cross post - but it just got burried there and I didnt realize that the music forum might appreciate it more :big grin: )

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