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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by diesel, Oct 5, 2005.

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    I have an ATI 9800 Pro All In Wonder which is an AGP card.. I am looking to upgrade my MOBO and Chip but most all new mobos and chips are PCI-Express.. Should I just ditch my 400 dollar video card that I got last year and go buy another expensive one that is PCI-Express to keep up with the newest mobo's or should I get one that has AGP?!?! I really want to do dual core on either AMD or Intel but none does AGP.. I want to do video editing.. Any ideas would be helpful..
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    I hate to say it, and I could be wrong but intel's have better numbers for video editing. how ever id still pick AMD.....since i stick to one brand
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    You payed $400 for a 9800PRO last year? I thought they were MUCH cheaper than that last year.

    Intel will be better if you are wanting to multi-task or image/video edit.

    AMD will serve you well if you are wanting to game alot.

    (^HUGE GENERILIZATION, but often applies)

    If you're not looking int othe AMD X2 line, then multitasking probably isnt't at the top of your list. So I'd stick with a s939 CPU from AMD, SanDiego or Venice maybe...or Opteron.

    Personally I always suggest staying up with the latest, so PCI-E gets my vote. If you plan to stick with the PC for years to come nad never upgrade...then AGP will be fine. But if upgrading is something u do every year or so, PCI-E is your better bet.
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    maybe i got it a couple of years ago.. i forgot.. heheh anyway yeah good point.. :( sad thing that i gotta buy a new video card... suxors..

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