COMIC American Way - comic from Wildstorm (8 issues)

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    8 issue limited run

    Currently at issue #2

    A comic set in the 1960s when American was undergoing great amounts of change.

    In the 1940's, America created the Civil Defense Corps. A group of "super-heros" that would fight evil villains, alien invasions and Communism. However, these superheros were mostly acting as each "attack" was orchestrated by the government to boost American morale.

    When their main superhero (Old Glory) dies in public during another "attack", the truth is covered up (the American public doesn't want to hear that the superhero Old Glory died from a heart attack because he smoked too much!)and a new American hero must be found.

    With tensions between whites and coloreds at an all time high, a plan is devised to introduce a black superhero. But is America ready to accept him?



    The comic is funny, campy and at the same time, kind of hard-hitting. Reflecting on the campy nature of the comics of the 60's and the real life tensions of the times.

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