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    Introduction & Some Newbie Questions

    Hi All
    I'm new to this whole concept, as i've never really had much to do with polishing/waxing cars before. I have had 2 cars over the last 3 years, and on both of them, the paint wasn't in fabulous condition, so i didn't bother doing anything more than washing them every 2 weeks or so. I lost my job recently, and to keep money coming in, i've taken to washing/vacuuming a couple of cars here and there, and found that i thoroughly enjoy making someone elses car shine, (seeing as i can't make my own car shine) and thought about doing detailing as a hobby and as a source of a bit of income whilst going to Uni. I've read this entire section of the forum from start to finish, trying to lap up a fair bit of information, as well as reading other sites about detailing. However, so far, most of what i have learned is theory, as i dont really have a car to practise on. I've made up a list of products that i think i will need, and went down to my local stockists and researched their prices, so i know that there is a rather large initial outlay of money to purchase the stuff needed.
    I was wondering if anyone has any pointers of a good way to start out, to get clients coming in, what should i look out for as a newbie to detailing etc. I know when i first start out i am not going to be able to do work half as good as some of you people on these forums, but i am willing to put the effort in and learn, so i hope that someday i will be able to make cars shine like you guys and girls do :)

    Also, as per the subject of this thread... i've read in a couple of threads that a drop of polish or wax should be able to do an entire bonnet... i just tried this on my car (the one with the better paint) and it only seemed to cover about a 1/4 of the bonnet before i ran out of polish on the applicator... so, i guess my question is... how much should i use?
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