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    whats the diff of name brand amps such as sony and them....compared to cheap ones such as pyramid and oothers...?
    isnt power power?....if it says 1000W on both can power have quality?...can anyone help me out...cuz im running low on doe and amps are a grip...
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    sony and pyramid are in the same class:o
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    Truthfully the only difference is power output, features and reliability. That may sound like a lot, and those are some very good reasons to get a nice amplifier.

    Pyramid rates its amps at 1kW, but that number is false. How they can legally get away with it is anyones guess. It probably puts out around 200 watts, which is about right considering the 1kW models usually sell for 150 dollars or so. But the 200 watts it has will be just as clean as a high dollar amplifier.

    If you buy a super high end amplifier to replace a Pyramid, and expect to get better sound quality, you are going to be disapointed. Sure the quality amplifier will put out more power, and that right there can mean more sound quality, but at 1w both amplifiers will sound the same. The expensive amp will probably have a better feature set such as possibly a remote gain control, balanced inputs, subsonic filter, high 24dB an octave xover slopes, but once again when both are set to flat and gains are matched, you arent going to be able to hear a difference unless you have miracle ears.

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