Amplifier knock-offs

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by tjamz, Feb 26, 2008.

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    I came across this article just recently, and though it relates to Alpine knock-offs, there are certainly many other brands out there being knocked off as well...and sold on places like and For example, I had a customer who insisted on ordering a Zapco Reference 1100.1 amplifier from woofersetc and having me install it for him. He "saved" $150 by doing this, however when the amp came it didn't all. Opened it up and the circuit board took up only a fraction of the amplifiers footprint and the power supply was TINY The point to this post is that the best deal on the internet is probably not the best deal for you. Buy locally and know what you are getting.
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    we've seen the new vpower knockoffs already... alpine wants us to buy them up... get info, and involve the police.

    the amps we've seen that were knockoffs were noticable by us, because we sell the real thing... but any shop someone walked into, without knowing would probably think it actually came from alpine... and they were producing junk.

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