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  1. Lets write a nasty story! I'll write bit and each poster can add to it, I'll compile it all at the end and post it in a new thread.

    She was laying on the bed, silky sheets against her naked body, she wasn't tied up but the blind folded, man what a sight. Long red hair, that smooth mlky skin I couldn't wait to feel her. I kept her from seeing me, making her eager for my touch, it adds to the excitement and I find she enjoys not knowing exacly where I am. My touch is a kind touch, soothing, soft a touch that aimes to please.
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    I began at her hands and moved up her arms to her shoulders. I began to slowly rub her neck with my hands. She turns toward me, obviously wanting more, so i stop for a moment. I move around the bed to the other side, quietly, so she doesn't know where i am. I softly touch her back and start to caress her. I touch everything from her shoulders to the small of her back. I run my hands across her curvaceous figure, lightly brushing her breasts, making her want me.

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