An old lady went to the bank and asked to withdraw $10

Dr. Mike

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Apr 3, 2020
San Diego
So I work at a bank, and often times I'll be out in the lobby if I dont have clients in my office.

Theres times we have 3 tellers, and sometimes only have 1 depending on lunches, vacations, sick days, whatever.

Fucking old people. Jesus fucking christ. Get SO FUCKING UPSET when there is only 1 teller, even if theres only like 2 people infront of them.
And if you explain to them that some times we only have 1 teller because there are 100 other ways they could be doing whatever the fuck they are there doing, checking their balance for example, all that does is piss them off even worse.

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How long would it take you to get 1.3 million in cash? Would you even do it? Does anyone keep this much money in their checking account?

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