TECH Android phone's memory problem


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May 27, 2006
Something weird is happening with my android cell phone.

A lot of my applications were ready for new updates, so I updated them.

As they were being updated, my cousin tried to send me a text message, but I got the notification that "Low on space: Phone storage space is getting low" and then followed by "Text message memory full: Incoming message rejected due to full memory, Please delete old messages". And if I try to text someone, a popup says "Low on space. Phone storage is full. Delete some files to free space."

I have since deleted ALL of my text messages, finished the updates, restarted my cell phone several times, including taking out the battery and putting it back in, and it STILL says my memory is low and my text message inbox is full (despite being totally empty now). So I can't send or receive texts. But every other application works fine.

What's the problem? How can I fix it?

Teh Jebus

Active Member
Aug 22, 2004
Orange County, CA
Likely a motorola Droid. They've always had this issue. The phone stores all your sent and received mms messages in the dialer. Mine usually gets to 220mb and then I have to factory reset the phone.

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