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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by matrix2681, Sep 28, 2003.

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    I feel really stupid because of this, and that's why this is an annoying problem.

    I installed MX Studio on my pc and I can't see any lines or pen while I'm trying to draw them. It works fine on my notebook, but not on here. I don't think I've changed anything and it looks like all the settings are the same as on the notebook. It's been awhile since I've used Flash, and to be stopped by something pesky like this is driving me nuts. Please, if anybody can tell me why it's doing this, it'd be appreciated.

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    Nobody's got any idea why it's doing this? I've already checked the color of the object once it's created and I pick colors that AREN'T white on a white background. I also found out there's another computer this has been installed on that it works perfectly on. The Pen tool, when it works, shows three points connected by a line so you can see the first angle the curve will show up in, and then shows the actual curve preview when you click for the second point. The preview is also the "Layer color" that's shown in the scenes menu at the top of the screen. On my computer, it doesn't do that. It just shows three points, no line of any color connecting them (so it's difficult to see what's going on) and no curve of any color previewed before I put down my second point. As soon as I let go of the mouse button, there's the curve. I've already checked the box in Edit > Preferences > Editing that says "Show Pen Preview" and it doesn't show it to me. I also tried those functions (pen, square, etc.) out on Fireworks and they work just fine, so whatever this is, it's native only to Flash.

    I've already uninstalled (as best as I know how) the entire studio and put it back on--no previews. I had to format this drive awhile back, and I put all my files I wanted to keep on a drive that is still in my machine. The backup drive still has all the data, not including any Studio MX stuff, and Windows is on there, but it's a Windows that was on the drive from back before I even owned this software, so Flash isn't in the registry on that drive. Having this other drive is one difference from my hardware setup before that might cause a problem.

    I can't really think of anything that might cause this. It's stumped everybody that I've asked so far and I'm hoping somebody can shed some light on this before I have to do The Unthinkable (format everything and see how that works). I'm sorry if I wrote a crapload of nonrelevant information here, but I just wanted to show what's different from my setup before, and it may be possible that might be causing it. I've looked around on the Macromedia website and I can't find any posts from people that have had this problem. I'm just asking a lot of people, trying to feel around for answers and then piece it all together.

    If you got to this point, I'm glad you took the time to read through this. I didn't get into this much detail before, and I'm sure you can see how frustrating this is.

    Thanks for your time.

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