SRS ANON THREAD: I think i am addicted to internet forums

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by i killed tupac, Nov 25, 2008.

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    this toilet earth

    Especially OT. I’ve gone through various phases of being addicted to online things… first it was an MMORPG that I basically grew up with. I would spend hours a day playing it, ignoring school and my friends. I played it for a period of probably 3ish years, but the game got shut down and it wasn’t a huge deal, I found other things to do and I was doing great for a while. I also played WoW for about a month but luckily I realized I was totally addicted and just cancelled my subscription and that hasn’t been an issue since. But the one thing in my internet life that’s constant is OT.

    I’ve been here for basically 5 years and I spend a lot of time here, mainly reading but also getting involved in a lot of discussions. It didn’t used to be very bad but lately I feel like it’s starting to take over. I tried a self-ban but the reality is I end up finding something else to waste my time on. I’ll load up a game for a couple hours, or sort through Digg or other various forums specific to things I am knowledgeable about. It’s gotten to the point where the first thing I do is wake up to check OT and I waste all my time I set aside for getting ready for the day to constantly refreshing the forum pages to see if anything new gets posted and I always end up late for things or at least wait until the very last minute. I also stay up late and it fucks up my sleeping patterns.

    Regardless, the problem isn’t just OT I just can’t find the willpower to get away from my computer when I need to. This is especially difficult because a lot of my school work revolves around watching lectures online and doing research on the internet and it’s easy for me to get side-tracked because I’m pretty sure I have ADD (which is also being addressed, but that’s another topic for another day.)

    I don’t think a self-ban is really what is needed because OT is a great resource and a great time-killer for when I have legitimate free time, but I need to find ways to stay focused on what’s important. Since I’m sure OT is full of internet addicts, I’d like to hear any input anyone has one how they dealt with their addictions, if you want to call it that. It’s an easy thing to joke about but it pisses my girlfriend off and I have a really hard time being productive because hours out of every day are wasted just sitting here…
    I also feel that it might be worth mentioning that I’m not a total recluse. From an outsider’s point of view I have a pretty functional life. I go out and have friends and work and things like that…
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    The best way to get rid of an addiction is to not do it at all. Even if you feed that addiction a little bit, while trying to quit it, you will end up going full force and continuing that addiction. Think of other addictions... Alcoholics, for example. If they were to quit drinking, they need to quit completely. If they get one drink, it will lead to 2 then 3 and before you know it, they're drinking every day again.

    My suggestion would be to quit coming to OT period. If you happen to come here and read a thread, then you'll want to post in it. Then you'll want to check on it for the replies. Then you'll go back into your cycle again. The addiction will continue. The only way to stop it is to stop coming to OT period. In my opinion, I think you're addicted to the internet. You keep jumping from one thing to another on the internet. One game, to another game, to a forum, and if you leave this forum then you might find another. I would suggest to use the computer ONLY for school purposes, or better yet, (if it's possible) use the computer only AT school for assignments.

    If you seriously want to quit, then that's my suggestion.

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