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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Throwdown, Dec 24, 2005.

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    After a lot of time and thought I have realized this is the one thing in my life that's missing.

    I'm 22 and I feel like I have not been emotionally "close" to anyone in my entire life. I'm a nice person with a great career, good looks, a great family and lots of friends. But none of my friends love me, and I have never been in love with anyone. My guy friends are just buddies, and my girl friends are just fuck buddies.

    Can someone tell me how to become close to someone? I just don't know how that works. It almost sounds like a joke, but I'm not sure how else to put it. I tackle every other issue in life by setting goals and achieving them, but there doesn't seem to be a process to this -- and if there is, I can't for the life of me crack it. Thanks.
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    Maybe you should take a step back and evalute your situation.. realize that maybe the cards you're dealing with women for example is an approach that seems that all you want out of them is a good lay and nothing more.. possibly, its because you show no emotion that you care about them more than just sex.. your friends that are just buddies.. well, thats something else.. this is what I would if you don't already.

    The women situation to finding someone you can have a connection with other than just fuck buddies:

    - STOP approaching them and flirting with them like you just want to hit the sack..

    - START talking to the one you believe you can have some chemistry other than just having sex but a real relationship and use this to your advantage by talking to her.. invite her to eat dinner as a DATE, get to know her - learn about her past, and her present.. also what she plans to do with her future. Talk to her more than just a friend but someone that cares and listens to what she has to say.. the little things are always the best things to remember. Maybe you should even consider going for different type of chicks that you normally go for.. have you been finding these chicks at night clubs and bars? Stop doing that.. start looking at places where there is potential for a relationship.. majority of chicks that goto clubs and bars know that guys are in there mostly to get SOME.. and usually go to hookup aswell.. so start looking at other avenues.. join a cooking class, maybe start a new hobby that involves chicks, maybe a salsa class? Hmm.. might be in your favor.

    Oh and quit trying to pursue the chick so quickly that she can figure out from a mile away that all you want is sex.. find one, learn about her, let her learn about you, go on dates, take things SLOW.. build up that trust and see where it takes you.

    NOW.. your friends that are just buddies and don't truly care about you..

    I'm sure you have one or two in the group that are alittle more talkative than the rest.. try and figure out who they are and start having more serious conversations with them about your problems.. actually, you already have some things to talk about; you have your situation with finding the right women for a relationship.. tell them that and see what they recommend.. get to know them more on a personal basics and hang out with one at a time and decide who you feel cares most to know about you.. take time to hang out one on one rather than a big group where alot of people change the way they are normally than how they usually would be if you were alone with them.. use that to your advantage and make a stronger and more life long friendship using these methods.

    Hope this helps you..

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