SRS Anonymous Thread: i feel my life is a mess (rant)

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Throwdown, Dec 22, 2005.

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    I dont know what to say... im 21, and i feel its kinda sad that i never had a SO at all. And on top of that, i think i got genital warts from all the chicks ive slept with in the past, all flings and pointless. On top of that, im pressured by my parents to go to school and follow my footsteps of my father to be an attorney. As days go on, it gets lonelier and lonelier, and I fill that void by spending money on expensive clothes and gadgets and shit, and gettin high on drugs and drinking. It used to help, but now its getting kind of repetitive and pointless. I have no incentive, no girlfrield to bust my ass and strive and change for. Ive never had any social skills to hit on decent girls or approach even when Im drinking at the bar, even though i have noticed that dressing and grooming well has caught the attention of some fine women, but not the alcohol helps, and the money for all my stuff comes from my parents.... But when I do speed, Im a totally different person, im everything I ever want to be, Im a total opposite attitude, nothing fades me, I am fearless. But my parents dont believe me on taking medication for some reason, and theres no way im gonna go back to illegal drugs.
    The only time I feel the total opposite and happy, without the help of drugs is when i go back home. But the next time I go back home, which might be another year. And even if I decide to move back home, I have really no means of maintaining a financial Income unless I start pushing drugs or robbing foreigners, which my different attitude will compell me to do. I dont know, im not happy. Im stuck in a dillema. Its like Im trapped.
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    Nothing in the universe will make you happy exept love.

    Now that you understand that you need to focus your life around loving and helping other people, in that way you can be happy and forfilled.

    You cannot and never will be able to feel this gap in your soul with any other things like, drugs, stuff you buy, and god knows what.

    Start putting constructive things in your life, you may or may have not yet noticed yet, but you have become a complete wreck due to the drugs you uptake, and a state of denial wont change anything in that.

    Take my advice, and cast out all that stuff that damages you, and ruins your body, and creates a mental unstable situation for your brain.

    You are here because you feel like total shit and are unsatisfied with your life,then again i think your parents have been putting too much pressure on you , whilst you where mentally unstable to begin with , and that has resulted in repetitive failures in your life because the life and social standards that you have to live are just 'too far fetched' for you. And you constantly have to put up this 'masquerade' up in front of your parents by lying to them.

    My advice is that you start to accept that you are not going to be an attorney, you will just have to tell your parents that 'that' is 'their' dream and not yours. This imposed 'idea' is actually what is damaging you all along, because you are forcefully living a life you do not want to be. I garentee you, if i ask you 'do you want to be an attorney' your answer would be 'no' but for no you should fill in what you DO want to be. Basically you have to free yourself from your parents imposed ideas, aknowledge your free will and imply that on the reality of the life that you live in. Of course , higher diploma's will mean more money, cash etc. However i advice you to live a humble life, and focus on loving and helping people. This whole materialistical facade that you have been living is just a nightmare that you continue to live in till today, and days that follow unless change takes place.

    Moreover 'what do you want' in life, you lived the whole drugs thing and got void in return, same counts for the sexual flings, to which you should immediatly go visit an anonymous clinic which can provide 'expertise' diagnosis and treatment for the possible problems luring down below. Just put your mind on zero and goto a doctor. Just confess your drug usage, the flings you had and God knows what so that he can give you a proper treatment.

    Your still daddies little boy, you need to make a struggle to stop living in the shadow of your father, and come to know that you can achieve more then your dad did during his life, but you have to be emotionally stable and in tune with reality, whilst making sure the factors that bring your life down to a shithole get eliminated and to cast these bad factors once and for good out of your life. And justifying your life against yourself instead of your parents lives.

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