SRS Anonymous Thread: Trust issues w/girlfriend

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Throwdown, Apr 7, 2006.

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    been with an awesome girl for 8 mnths but i've come to the point were i'm not sure if i really want to keep dating her. main reason for this is that i have trust issues as she seems to not mention nor invite me to some of her friends' parties. you have to understand that she is somewhat of a free spirit, but in my book going out to parties drinking and not telling your bf about it is not the way relationships are done.
    she also easily gets drunk and it makes me sometimes feel furious. i kinda understand that she can't
    drink as openly w/ me around but i think it's something that can be changed if she really wants to. i trust her, but i don't trust people when they drink (not even myself). i kinda want to see if this is trust issues arising from me that are messing me up or am i seeing valid point. if you want to know, i haven't talked to her about this but it's possible that she stopped telling me about these parties cause i was getting decently upset when she would tell me of one and sugguest that she would like to go alone.
    i've been thinking lately of doing the same stuff to her in an obvious manner to see the reaction, but today i kinda just feel like saying "fuck it" and move on.

    any.. and i really mean any advice would be appreciated. i don't want to ruin a good thing if the problem is mine and fixable.
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    My girlfriend would never dream of going to a party and getting wasted without me, or at least without telling me before hand, and I would never do that to her either.

    I don't know what kind of relationship you guys have built, but personally I would regard that as disrespectful. She knows you do not like it and she does it behind your back. That's very disrespectful IMO. I would tell her that she needs to respect my feelings and either take you along, or at least talk to you about it before hand. If she fails in this, i would dump her.
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    Sweet, are you in hattiesburg, MS? I'm about an hour away.
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    Don't demand that she takes you, that will cause even more problems. If you do that, things will probably be awkward while you're there. She'll either leave you to hang out with other friends, or she'll just act weird and distant when she's with you, as she obviously wouldn't want you to be there. Tell her how you feel and leave it up to her, just don't demand that she takes you with her. If you tell her and she continues to do it, at least you'll know that she doesn't respect you as much as she should.

    Maybe she doesn't want you there because she thinks you'll get jealous if you see her talking to other guys, especially when she's drunk. I'm not saying that makes it ok, it's just an idea.

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